MR Glass Project

About us

We provide creative solutions that attract the attention of our global customers.

MR Glass Project studio deals with making products from glass. Many years of experience allows us to undertake even very complex projects. Most of the products are copyrighted projects, but making works according to the idea of the client is also not a problem.

The scope of application of glass in architecture is huge, e.g. doors, shower cubicles, washbasins, countertops, lamps, balustrades, mirrors. Also smaller elements, such as: bowls, platters, candlesticks, statuettes and many other things. Most of the products are made in technology of fusing, i.e. fusing and forming flat glass. The maximum size of the manufactured glass monolith in our furnaces is 3250 mm x1200 mm.

The products are unique and unrepeatable, that proves our great commitment and effort into each product and its hand-made manufacturing.