otwarte: pn-pt: 11:00 –19:00
Sobota: 10:00 –14:00 po wcześniejszym umówieniu
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Workshops for seniors

For whom

For seniors age 60 and older, minimum number of participants 6.


Thematic workshops are scheduled on an ongoing basis. We will explain the process of obtaining glass, learn how to decorate, form, paint and burn. The last element is engraving, and those willing will be able to exhibit their works in our gallery*.

Price and duration

4 classes of 120 minutes each = PLN 400 (PLN 100 per session)


Maciej Rafalski and Zbigniew Krawczyk


Thursdays:14:00- 16:00

* maximum time of one week without possibility of sale


Enrollment by phone: 667-947-576 or via contact form

  • Organizer Name: MR Glass Project Maciej Rafalski
  • Phone: 667947576
  • Email: mrglassproject@gmail.com
  • Rodzaj: warsztaty
  • miejsceGrójecka 79, Warszawa
  • Czas trwania120 minutes

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