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Group workshops for younger children

For whom

Children from 4 – 8 years old, minimum number of people 6.


The workshop is an excellent opportunity to begin a fascinating adventure in the artistic processing of glass, ie cutting, decorating and firing. At each stage you can improve manual skills so important for schooling. During the courses, participants will learn that you do not have to be an artist to create art, as Ralph Waldo Emerson used to say, „Every artist once started as an amateur.”


Discussion of safety procedures for working with glass. The participant will be given a prepared, safe glass plate and a set of paints to decorate. The finished images will be fired in a kiln and can be taken home. During the firing, the instructor will demonstrate tools and methods for cutting glass. Subsequent classes will reinforce knowledge with new, more complicated techniques of glass decoration. The price includes the firing of the glass in the kiln and all necessary materials. You are welcome to pick up your works the next day.

Price and duration

45 minutes, price per person: 25 PLN, parents/guardians attending the course: 20 PLN.


Maciej Rafalski and Zbigniew Krawczyk


Wednesdays: 17:30- 18:15


Enrollment by phone: 667-947-576 or by contact form.

  • Organizer Name: MR Glass Project Maciej Rafalski
  • Phone: 667947576
  • Email: mrglassproject@gmail.com
  • Rodzaj: warsztaty
  • miejsceGrójecka 79, Warszawa
  • Czas trwania45 minutes

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